Friday, June 29, 2007

I love being a mom

Gosh it has been a while, but with a new baby, work, and a diaper sewing and babycenter addiction I haven't had the energy to post.

Selena is almost 4 months old now. She is getting more social and playful. She can roll over (tummy to back), grab toys, and put her binky back in her mouth if it is kind of close. She still loves her swing and that is her favorite place to nap. She sleeps like a baby... Sometimes well, sometimes not. I read a bunch of baby sleep books and then got annoyed and decided I wasn't going to stress about it because when she sleeps well she sleeps well, and when she doesn't it's usually because its a growth spurt, she's hot, or she's gassy, or some other mysterious thing that might bother babies (like maybe a full moon).

I switched to working part time, because working full time and trying to take care of her at the same time was way too stressful. Working part time seems to be a great balance. I have been getting a lot done at work, and when I come home I can enjoy taking care of her without worrying too much about work. Floyd is home for the summer and just had his first week of being in charge. She loves her daddy and is always smiling at him, and laughing at him. She seems to think it is hilarious when he takes a bad beat playing poker, or maybe she is just trying to make him feel better. I am a little scared about finding day care for her in the fall, and letting someone else take care of my most precious baby, but it will only be for 4 hours and I'm sure it will all work out fine.

The cloth diapers are working great. At first I was getting a little frustrated because I didn't have a good washing routine that works. But I finally found the perfect potion of laundry detergent to make them coming out smelling great, so I am once again as excited about them as I was before she was born. So I am going to make a post very soon trying to convince all future and current parents how great they are.

I know I've sworn off sewing my own if the next one I made wasn't good, but then I did make two great looking ones, but then they weren't so great because they leak/wick. But the more I make the more I learn so I keep thinking, "Next time it will be perfect," and I do enjoy sewing so I guess I'll keep at it. But now that she is getting bigger I feel like I can buy the really fancy ones because she can wear a size medium and those will fit her for a long period of time. So I now I just have to restrain myself and not go crazy buying diapers because it really can be a bad addiction.