Saturday, February 23, 2013

Super Allie!

Allie is doing good and growing and learning in leaps and bounds.  Shockingly Allie can read.  I can't take much credit for it, as Selena and the computer did most of the teaching.  When using she started getting a paper and pencil and copying down all the words.  Selena started teaching her "popcorn words" (high frequency words like the, and, of, etc) and bringing home her early reader books from school and Allie has just caught right on.  The look of pride on her face when she read her first book was so cute, and will forever be etched in my mind.

She can also write pretty well. She discovered how to spell poop on her own.  She would write tons of letters and then asks me to read them.  She coincidentally put the letters P-O-O-P together and asked me to read it.  Thrilled that she had spelled a "bad" word, she stored it in her memory and writes it all the time.  Since then she has become pretty good at spelling phonetically.

The interesting thing about her literacy is that she can do it upside down as well.  I have read about this in early ed books, but to witness it is pretty amazing.  She will write entire sentences upside down, and her penmanship is just as good as when doing it right-side up.

She also counts very well.  Up to about 39, she can also count by 5's and 10's.  She pretty much has the kindergarten curriculum mastered.  Always has been a precocious one.
I really love to spell because is fun (1st part copied from Super Why
computer game, second part sounded out)

Allie also enjoys the drawing videos that Selena has been doing, though sometimes she gets frustrated because she can't make the shapes exactly correct.  But she did figure out how to draw stars, and is proud of that.

She frequently acts like a three-year old tyrant.  It is pretty frustrating.  Though there are many other times where she is very thoughtful and truly helpful.

We put her back on dairy and she seems okay.  We finally had an episode of puking that hadn't been preceded by ingesting any dairy.  A week later Floyd gave her pizza. She ate a ton of pieces and seemed no worse for wear.  Floyd figured she was fine, and she has been ingesting large amounts of cheese ever since.  My gut still tells me does better not on it, or maybe it is something else, but there isn't an immediate cause and effect so it hard to tell.  She has strange symptoms like runny noses that last for weeks, weird aches and pains, occasional reflux.  Floyd thinks I'm imagining it and am a hypochondriac mother (or whatever the proper term is), and maybe I am.  I don't know.

"You know something different about me?"  Allie asks.

"What is that?"  I reply.

"My tummy tells me what to do.  Not my brain."

Yes, Allie is ruled by her tummy.  It tells her what she wants to play with, and reminds her to remind me of fun things we were planning on doing.  She often asks me, "Isn't my tummy nice, to remind us to..."  fill in the blank.  Selena tries to explain that it is her brain that controls her thoughts, but she just doesn't buy it.  Her tummy is in charge.  It almost seems like it is her imaginary friend.  She once told me her tummy went to Grandma Judy's but Grandma Judy doesn't know it is there because it is invisible.

She is enjoying gymnastics, and asked to do soccer.  I think she just wants to do soccer so she can get a trophy or medal like Selena. We'll see how it goes.

She is a great storyteller.  At night the girls ask me to tell them bed time stories, but I find it hard to make up story after story night after night.  Allie makes it easy, she tells her own stories.  I ask her what she wants a story about, and she starts in on the plot.  Sometimes I try to carry it on, but I usually don't tell it right, so she finishes it for me.

She is also quite the seamstress.  She has discovered how to make no-sew baby jackets.  She raids my fabric stash and cuts holes in fabric for the arms.  It is really quite clever.  She also made Selena and I very fancy scarves by taking long bits of fabric, cutting large holes (big enough for a head) and draping them around us multiple times.