Monday, April 14, 2008

Life as a toddler

Selena is now 13 months and is an expert (well sort of) at walking and thinks life as a toddler is pretty cool. Now when we go shopping it is no longer fun to just sit in the shopping cart and smile at people, she needs to walk around, explore, and play peekaboo behind the fabric shelves at Joanns.

She now enjoys reading Jane Yolen's How Do Dinosaur's... Say Good Night, Eat Their Food, Go to School etc. Other books she gets about half way through and decides that they are over, but the Dinosaur books are pretty interesting.

So the "in" thing is to teach your baby sign language so that they can communicate before they can talk. But I haven't been too consistent about trying to teach her, but despite my inconsistencies Selena can sign, "all done", "eat", and "ice cream". She learned the ice cream sign the first time I showed it to her. She is her mother's daughter.

She also has started to torment poor Dyna by pulling her tail and stealing her dog food pebbles. I'm not sure why she thinks Dyna's food is so yummy, or why she would prefer it over garbanzo beans, but she does.

She also got her first fever. It was very sad, but luckily it only lasted a day. She also had a few molars pop through and that made her very upset for 2 days. Previous teeth might have caused her to be a little cranky, but it might also have been coincidence, but these teeth definitely affected her and it was no fun for anyone.