Sunday, March 16, 2008

One Year of Selena

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One Year!!!!

Selena has had her first birthday. I don't know where the year went. She has definitely changed in the last month in that she is walking and asserting herself. She has taken to going to the snack cupboard and taking out what she wants to eat -- usually cookies and raisins. We are going to need to put a baby lock on that door.

She isn't making quite as many messes as she was a month ago. Now putting things away is entertaining as well.

She got lots of fun toys for her birthday from her generous family and friends, including a powerwheel car from grandpa which she immediately starting doing "tricks" on, like standing on the seat and pushing the button. I think I need to find a baby helmet.

Selena, my mother and I also took a trip to Texas to visit her great great grandpa, and her great grandmother. She was a really good traveler, and did excellent on the plane rides.