Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vacation to Maui

Floyd, Selena, my mother, father, brother, sister and I, all went to Maui for 10 days and it was a lot of fun. We stayed in a cottage in Kaanapali. It was a pretty nice cottage but it didn't have air conditioning so we were sweating a lot. We were a short walk from the beach which had pretty good snorkeling. We rented snorkels for the week so we were able to go often.

We pretty much did all the must see things -- snorkeling, luau, road to Hana, snorkeling at Molokini, sunrise at Haleakala, hiking, shopping, trip to the aquarium, hanging out on the beach, and reading. Floyd and my dad also went golfing and we all played putt putt.

Selena did pretty good desipite getting some teeth while we were there. The soft structured backpack carrier I made was really convenient--we didn't miss the stroller. She slept on a pallet of blankets on the floor for naps and with us at night so we got by without a pack-n-play. We went on a big boat out to Molokini, but poor Selena got sea sick and threw up multiple times. I felt really bad for her, but as soon as we stopped and dropped anchor she was happy. Selena loved the luau and was running around dancing. She also liked the aquarium, the pool, and splashing in the ocean. She didn't really like the sand. I think it was too hot when she first encountered it and then she didn't like how it stuck to her hands or got in her shoes. She really loved the outside showers and I think she could have played in them all day.

My favorite adventure was a hike out to the Nakalele blow hole. The landscape was surreal and the blow hole was really cool. Floyd's favorite was golfing. My brother Chris's favorite part was our adventure hike out on a lava flow to a little cove called the "aquarium" where there was really nice snorkeling. Cynthia's (my sister) favorite was our trip to Hana. The views on the road to Hana were amazing. My mom and dad didn't do the road to Hana since they had done it beore so they stayed home and played with Selena. One funny part on our trip to Hana was when we had stopped to go down a trail to find a waterfall there was a man out in the middle of the rainforest with a table set up selling glass bead jewelry, he asked us if we like his office. Cynthia and Chris did a surfing lesson one day, but the waves weren't really that great for surfing in while we were there. Our snorkeling trip to Molokini was also cool (except for the Selena being sick part) and in addition to all of the fish most of us got to see a turtle or two while snorkeling. Cynthia didn't see a turtle but she did see a shark, but she said it was heading away from us fast.

It was a really fun trip, but it is good to be home. I missed the lack of humidity and the yummy Northwest water.

All of us on the beach

Selena loving the outside shower

Grandma and Selena having fun at the luau

Me, Floyd, Chris and Cynthia in a bamboo forest

Me and Floyd enjoying the view on the way to Hana
Me and Selena hanging out on a lava flow