Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Fun

Selena, Floyd and I are all doing great. The summer is getting near to the end so Floyd will be going back to work, which is a bummer. We've been keeping busy. We babysat my cousins for a couple days and went to the zoo with them. Then our friends Breea and Kent stayed with us for a bit with their newborn baby Della. It was a lot of fun to have an itty bitty baby around. Selena was very gentle and interested in Della.

Selena is doing great. She is learning lots of new words (today she said horse for the first time) even though lots of her words sound the same. uuck is the how she says truck, milk, book, sock, and probably some more, basically anything that ends in "k". She likes to organize everyone. She brings both Floyd and I are shoes, directs us outside, tells us to get the soccer ball, and to play with Dyna. Or she gets Dyna's leash and halter and directs me to go running. Which is really a good thing because I've been slacking in that department. If there is a saying, funny face, or action she likes she makes everyone in the room do it.

I pretend that she can read. I always draw apples and write the word apple on the magna doodle so I will write the word apple and ask her what it says and she says "apple". It is so cute and so brilliant. But she'll also say other words say apple so... oh well.

She loves going outside and will stand at the door saying "out, out" if you don't obey quickly she will go and get your shoes and put them in your lap. She can put on and take off her own shoes. She loves accessories--shoes especially, but hats, bracelets, watches, socks, necklaces are all lots of fun as well. The sprinkler is also a lot of fun. She usually helps her Dad water the lawn so she is frequently getting soaking wet. We have a cherry tree and a plum tree in her back yard and she loves to pick the fruit and instruct her dad to pick fruit for her, but she's not the best at getting the seed/pit out of the fruit. She's pretty much amazing and we love her to pieces.