Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Third Birthday

Selena turned three.  We had a roller skating party followed by pizza at Round Table.  It was a lot of fun.  I have to say Selena has the cutest friends.

Lately we've been drawing and writing letters to people a lot.  When we send someone a letter I've had her write the names of the recipient on the envelope by doing connect the dots.   So she was doing her thank you notes and I was cleaning up the kitchen and I come back and she had written a note to one of her friends and on the envelope was 5 out of the 7 letters of her friends name.  I had never spelled his name for her before...   We've also been doing a lot of digging and tree climbing.  The weather this spring has been great. She still enjoys cooking.  She prefers the real kitchen to her play kitchen.  Actually she doesn't really touch the play kitchen at all.  She makes interesting concoctions and tries to feed them to us. 

She's picked up some imaginary friends.  Their names are Do Re Mi.  Do is a dog, Re is a cat, and Mi is a mouse.  They live in the vacant house across the street.  Floyd made them up as part of her bed time stories but Selena invites them over often and they even go shopping with us.

She is still a cat.  When I call people on the phone she always wants to meow to them.  When we went to her well child visit she scampered up onto the exam table and when the doctor came in she meowed at him.  When he told her that he thought she looked more like a little girl than a little cat she said, "Meow, meow."   She is 34 inches tall and 26 pounds.  The doctor didn't say exactly but I think it was 5th percentile or less. 

As Allie is getting bigger they are playing more together.  I found them in the bathroom today unrolling two rolls of toilet paper.  They get along pretty well but they do have fights over toys.  Well Selena takes toys and Allie cries, or Allie takes toys and Selena shrieks.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

How to Use a Soft Structured Baby Carrier

This video explains how to use the soft structured carrier that I make.  It is mostly for those who are lucky enough to have received one from me ;)  but maybe it will help other people with their carriers as well.

The soft structured carrier is by far my favorite type of carrier because I can wear the kids on my back.  The carrier should work even when they are toddlers.  I still put Selena on my back sometimes, however she only weighs 25lbs, but I'm sure it would work for heavier kids as well.  Please make sure you check the seams on the carrier frequently.  

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