Saturday, March 6, 2010

How to Use a Soft Structured Baby Carrier

This video explains how to use the soft structured carrier that I make.  It is mostly for those who are lucky enough to have received one from me ;)  but maybe it will help other people with their carriers as well.

The soft structured carrier is by far my favorite type of carrier because I can wear the kids on my back.  The carrier should work even when they are toddlers.  I still put Selena on my back sometimes, however she only weighs 25lbs, but I'm sure it would work for heavier kids as well.  Please make sure you check the seams on the carrier frequently.  

Here are all my posts on soft structured carriers.  


Tracy said...

AWESOME!! I might have to beg you to make me one some day so I can buy it from you! =P
I want to say thanks again for having this blog, I <3 it! I was googling for birth stories from hospitals in WA and I came across Selena's birth story and then learned about Hypnobabies and The Birthing Inn and, OMG, people use midwives? lol
I ended up getting Hypnobabies (which is great!) and found a midwife and I'm planning on having a homebirth- the guess date is 3/22!! I'm not sure if I would have found out about ANY of this stuff if it hadn't been for your blog, so here's a huge THANK YOU!!!! =D

Laura said...

Tracy. Thank you so much for your kind words. It makes me feel so good. How exciting! Your baby will be here so soon. Sending fast, easy, comfortable birth vibes your way.