Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ten Months Going on Two

This post has taken me forever to write because we are really busy trying to get our house ready to sell.  It also seems like as every day goes by Allie is doing more new things to write about.

It was kind of a rough month for Allie.  The trouble started off as a little blister on a her bottom.  I think it was a result of some diaper chafing.  A few days later it turned into two blisters, the next day three, the next day four.  I was starting to get concerned but her well child appt was in 4 days.  I thought it might be a yeast infection so I started spreading some Lotromin on it, but the next day it was over her entire bottom and up her back.  It was all red and raw.  It was really sad and I felt awful.  I took her to the doctor and after a 2 1/2 hour wait he gave her a prescription for antibiotics and anti-fungal.  The medicine seemed to stop it from spreading but by her well child appointment it still looked pretty bad.  Plus she had a double ear infection, a runny nose, and goo oozing out her eyes.  I felt really bad.  Two days later Selena started having blisters on her hands and face.  I had a couple blisters as well.  I took them both back to the doctor and he started freaking me out saying it might be MRSA.  He swabbed Selena since Allie's finally looked better and then we had to wait while in quarantine.  It ended up coming back as a regular staff infection, but I was worrying for a while.  I was kind of frustrated with the doctors because the never told me it was contagious or gave me a final diagnosis until 5 days after the swab test (I had called earlier to make sure it wasn't MRSA).  It might have been inevitable that Selena or I got it, but we had been hanging out with friends.  Needless to say Allie was not sleeping well during these two weeks and was pretty much nursing all night long. 

Other than that trouble Allie is doing really well and impressing us every day.  She has mastered walking and is moving quicker.  It is kind of funny when she gains momentum and ends up waddling places she didn't mean to because she can't turn as quickly as she'd like.  She loves playing with the dog's food and water and is constantly making a break for that or the stairs whichever is available at the moment.  She is also getting good at climbing.  She can get up on the chaise chair on her own which means she can get up on the chest/table thing right next to it.  Just what we love a wobbly girl standing on a platform a couple feet high. Eek.

8ih7jkiiiiii (that was Allie's contribution to the post)  Allie's favorite toys seem to be the toy golf clubs, golf balls, the play kitchen, books, and Dad's chapstick (she knows it will be on Floyd's bedside table when he is home and goes straight for it and then proceeds to take the lid off and dig her fingers all over it.  Obviously not really safe or ideal), anything her sister has.  She really likes playing with toys.  It is so weird because Selena never and still doesn't play with toys, but Allie does like them and it is convenient because if she is upset I can actually give her something and it actually makes her happy.

Her language is getting better every day.  She can say mama and dada.  Mama was first!  :(  She can sign milk, all done, diaper change and more.  She even made up her own sign for chapstick once.  Her signs aren't always consistent, but she has done them on more than one occasion in the proper context.  Her first sign was milk and she was so excited to have learned it that she just walked around the house jabbering and signing milk.  Any time someone would say something to her she'd lift her hand and sign milk.  She was so proud.  She likes to "read" books, by herself, and point to the pictures.  If I try to read to her or Selena, she sits on or closes the books.

She just seems to act a lot older than 10 months.  She is very independent and opinionated.  She wants to do everything by herself and she gets frustrated when she isn't allowed to or able to.   She has figured out how to drink out of a straw cup by stealing her sister's.  I haven't really given her a cup much because she is nursing and doesn't really need any other liquids.  She is working on the sippy but hasn't quite figured out how to tip it yet.  She is kind of picky as far as eating.  She likes peas (but leaves most of the corn), crackers, bread, bananas.  She loves blueberries.  She gobbles them so fast.  It is funny because I kind of had a goal of avoiding purees and I guess it was a good one because she does not seem to like them at all.  I frequently make soups that are pureed (and are super yummy) and she will beg for some but as soon as she sees what it is she rejects it.  A few times she has even picked out what clothes she wants to wear.  Selena was visiting with my parents for the weekend and Allie pulled out Selena's sponge bob pj's and threw a fit when I put different pj's on her.  I put the sponge bob pj's over hers and she was happy as a clam.  Already claiming the roll as the pesky little sister ;)