Friday, December 22, 2006

How slow can I go?

So at 26 weeks pregnant I hit 10:02 min/mile pace today on my 2.5 mile run. I don't even know if what I do is qualified as running anymore. I guess it was my 2.5 mile jog, almost a wog. However as slow as I was going, I still passed someone. :)

Its very odd, because my breathing isn't hard, and my legs don't feel tired, but I just can't run any faster. I think anything that used to resemble a fast twitch muscle has disappeared. Also my hip flexors don't seem to want to lift my legs any more. Is it hormones? Is it the extra 15lbs? Once the baby comes will I suddenly be able to run 8 min pace easily again? Or will it take a little while to get back into it? I guess I'll have to wait and see.

My friend Bethany who runs with me at work during lunch has found a new job. Since I have no confidence in being able to out run the boogie man, and there are lots of boogie men in parkland, plus boogie dogs, I guess I won't be able to run during lunch anymore. Dyna will be happy about that, but I'm bummed because it means shorter runs, in the dark and rain. Oh well.

Monday, December 18, 2006

How to analyze windows installer verbose logs

How to analyze windows installer verbose logs

Microsoft SDK has an executable called WiLogUtl.exe in C:\program files\microsoft sdk\bin
If you try to use this with a version of windows installer higher than 2 it won't work. But if you change the version number on the very top line to 2.0.blah blah then it should work.

Keywords:analyzer installer log windows

How to trace the sql server statements that get executed when you don't have sql tools installed, specifically Sql Profiler because you are running msde or sql express.

How to trace the sql server statements that get executed when you don't have sql tools installed, specifically Sql Profiler because you are running msde or sql express.


1. Create this stored procedure:
CREATE proc trace_build @traceini nvarchar (245) = N'C:\ActivityTrace.ini' as
declare @traceid int, @options int, @tracefile nvarchar (245), @maxfilesize bigint
, @stoptime datetime, @minMBfree bigint, @rc int, @on bit, @cmd1 nvarchar(512)
, @events varchar(512), @columns varchar(512), @event int, @column int, @estart int, @enext int
, @cstart int, @cnext int, @le int, @lc int, @filter nvarchar(245), @filter_num int
create table #t1 ([c1] nvarchar(512))
set @cmd1 = 'bulk insert #t1 FROM '''
select @cmd1 + @traceini
exec (@cmd1 + @traceini + '''')
select @tracefile = cast(rtrim(ltrim(substring(c1,charindex('=',c1,1)+1,len(c1)))) as nvarchar (245)) from #t1 where left(c1,3) = '@tr'
select @maxfilesize = cast(rtrim(ltrim(substring(c1,charindex('=',c1,1)+1,len(c1)))) as bigint) from #t1 where left(c1,3) = '@ma'
select @stoptime = cast(rtrim(ltrim(substring(c1,charindex('=',c1,1)+1,len(c1)))) as datetime) from #t1 where left(c1,3) = '@st'
select @options = cast(rtrim(ltrim(substring(c1,charindex('=',c1,1)+1,len(c1)))) as int) from #t1 where left(c1,3) = '@op'
select @events=cast(ltrim(rtrim(substring(c1,charindex('=',c1,1)+1,len(c1)))) as nvarchar (512)) from #t1 where left(c1,3) = N'@ev'
select @columns=cast(ltrim(rtrim(substring(c1,charindex('=',c1,1)+1,len(c1)))) as nvarchar (512)) from #t1 where left(c1,3) = N'@co'
set @on = 1
set @traceid = 0
select @tracefile
SELECT @traceid = traceid FROM :: fn_trace_getinfo(0) where property = 2 and value = @tracefile
if @traceid != 0 goto finish
set @cmd1 = 'if exist ' + @tracefile + '.trc ' + 'del ' + @tracefile + '*.trc'
exec @rc = master.dbo.xp_cmdshell @cmd1, no_output
exec @rc = sp_trace_create @traceid output, @options, @tracefile, @maxfilesize, @stoptime

select @estart = 1
select @enext = charindex(',',@events,@estart)
select @cstart = 1
select @cnext = charindex(',',@columns,@cstart)
set @le = len(@events)
set @lc = len(@columns)
while @enext > 0
select @event = cast(substring(@events,@estart,@enext-@estart) as int)
while @cnext > 0
select @column = cast(substring(@columns,@cstart,@cnext-@cstart) as int)
exec sp_trace_setevent @traceid, @event, @column, @on
select @cstart = @cnext + 1
select @cnext = charindex(',',@columns,@cstart)
if @cnext = 0 set @cnext = @lc + 1
if @cstart >@lc set @cnext = 0
select @cstart = 1
select @cnext = charindex(',',@columns,@cstart)
select @estart = @enext + 1
select @enext = charindex(',',@events,@estart)
if @enext = 0 set @enext = @le + 1
if @estart > @le set @enext = 0
set @cmd1 = 'exec sp_trace_setfilter '
set @filter = N'none'
select @filter = cast(ltrim(rtrim(substring(c1,charindex('=',c1,1)+1,len(c1)))) as nvarchar (245))
from #t1
where cast(ltrim(rtrim(substring(c1,1,charindex('=',c1,1)-1))) as nvarchar (245)) = N'@filter1'
set @filter_num = 1
while @filter != N'none'
exec (@cmd1 + @traceid + ','+@filter)
set @filter_num = @filter_num + 1
set @filter = N'none'
select @filter = cast(ltrim(rtrim(substring(c1,charindex('=',c1,1)+1,len(c1)))) as nvarchar (245)) from #t1
where cast(ltrim(rtrim(substring(c1,1,charindex('=',c1,1)-1))) as nvarchar (245)) = N'@filter' + cast(@filter_num as nvarchar(3))
select @filter
drop table #t1
exec sp_trace_setstatus @traceid, 1

2. Create INI file
@tracefile = C:\ActivityTrace
@maxfilesize = 50
@stoptime = 2010-12-31 12:00:00.000
@options = 2
@events = 10,11,12,13,16,17,19,33,42,43,55
@columns = 1,2,3,6,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,25
@filter1 = 10, 0, 7, N'SQL Profiler'


2. Run the trace by running the following sql:
trace_build 'c:\Trace1.ini'

3. Look at the resulting .trc file by running the following sql

select * from ::fn_trace_gettable('C:\ActivityTrace.trc', default)

See these pages for more details:

Keywords:express msde profiler server sql trace

How do you get mfc to let you display a 256 color toolbar.

How do you get mfc to let you display a 256 color toolbar.









CImageList *pImgList = m_wndToolBar.GetToolBarCtrl().GetImageList();
pImgList->Create(16, 16, ILC_COLOR8 ILC_MASK, 0, 5);
m_wndToolBar.GetToolBarCtrl().AddBitmap(5, IDR_MAINFRAME)


I couldn't get either of these suggestions to work.

Keywords:16 256 colors mfc toolbar

Email keeps being sent over and over, but never leaves the outlook express outbox.

Email keeps being sent over and over, but never leaves the outlook express outbox.

Your sent mail file has reached the 2GB maximum size. Either delete it or rename it.

Keywords:email express outlook multiple sent times

How to view the records of a wmf / emf / metafile.

How to view the records of a wmf / emf / metafile.

There is a tool that was distributed with MSDN that was distributed with the Visual Studio 6.0 version. The path to the file on the CD is


Keywords:command emf record metafile view wmf

How do you open up an executable file with the binary editor or resource editor in visual studio versions higher than visual studio 6.0

How do you open up an executable file with the binary editor or resource editor in visual studio versions higher than visual studio 6.0

On the file-open dialog the Open button has a little down arrow on it. Click that arrow and it gives you the various options.

Keywords:binary open resource studio visual

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Dog Bite

So I got bit by a dog this week. A friend and I were running during lunch and a big black dog ran right past my friend, chomped my leg, and then ran back in the bushes. It was really quick and I didn't even realize it bit me until after it had run away. It just barely scratched the skin, so there was a little bit of blood but it wasn't bleeding. So we ran back to work.

I just figured that was that, but then people at work said I needed to go to the doctor, my mom said I had to call animal control. So I went to the dr and he gave me some antibiotics, but he didn't really want to treat me because I'm pregnant. I called animal control but haven't heard back from the sheriff. I have ugly bruising on my calf, but it doesn't hurt too much. Overall it was just a dumb.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Crochet Baby Booties

So with my new found crocheting skills and the prospect of making cute little tiny things, I tackled making baby booties. This was actually the second pattern I tried. The first pattern ended up looking more like an elf slipper, which if our little baby girls inherits Floyd's finger toes it might have been fine. But I'm thinking she'll inherit my tiny cinderella feet so she'll need little tiny booties. I tried these out on the 6 month old baby who comes and visits at work and they did fit her.

Here is the crochet baby booty pattern I used and some hints if anyone else wants to try and make these.

I used a size G hook with Micro Spun Lion Brand Yarn, which is really soft and cuddly. Instead of using 3 colors I only used 2. So I used the same blue/periwinkle yarn for the main color (MC) and Color A (CA) and then the purple for Color B (CB).

The first thing I learned is that it is key to pay attention whether it says to crochet in the space or in the stitch. When it refers to the "Ch2 space" it means the big empty holes in pictures 1 and 2. At first I crocheted in the stiches and then I ended up with an octogon instead of a square after completing the "Granny Square Instep" section.

The second tip I have is that you should make sure your stitches stay tight. After my first try my stitches were pretty loose and the whole thing was too big.

The following is a progression of the steps. I kind of had a hard time figuring out which way to go after each section, so hopefully this helps someone else.

After 1st part of Granny Step Instep:

The completed Granny Square Instep:

After 1st part of ankle ribbing:

After 2nd part of ankle ribbing:

After ankle ribbing:

Completed booties:

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sew a Baby Quilt

baby quilt

I finally finished the baby quilt I started about 2 years ago. I had started working on it but came across some problems and had messed up in a couple of places so I felt like I couldn't give it to anyone. But when I became pregnant I could finish it and keep it for myself. (Sometimes I feel like I am always passing my bad artwork/crafts to people as gifts, so I feel like I should spare them.) In the end it didn't turn out too bad.

How I made it

Basically each square of the quilt is made from
2 4.5 inch squares of main color
1 4.5 inch square of pattern
2 4.5 inch x 12.5 inch rectangles of main color

When you sew all the pieces together with a .25 inch seam allowance, you end up with a 12.5 inch square. When you sew all of the squares together with a .25 inch seam allowance you end up with 12 inch squares.

I sandwiched the quilt together using a Flynn Quilt Frame and tried to use that for machine sewing as well. I'm not exactly sure what went wrong, but my thread was constantly breaking while trying to quilt this quilt. My theory is that I was using an old spool of thread that wasn't of the best quality. When I replaced the thread it was a little bit better. I also think that the batting I used wasn't of the best quality. I haven't read anywhere that batting can cause thread to break, but it seemed to me like my sewing machine would hit a thick spot and break.

So eventually I got rid of the quilt frame because it was really hard to negotiate it smoothly, plus the thread kept breaking and I would have to take the whole thing apart, unjam the machine, etc, etc. But of course after getting rid of the quilt frame the basting I did to keep the quilt smooth was not very good, and I started getting ripples and folds in the quilt. To make matters worse I quilted about 12 inches on the top the blanket and then the thread kept breaking so I decided to start again from the bottom and maybe things would go more smoothly (which they did). So by the time I get to the middle I have all this extra fabric, due to my bad basting job. Oops. I ended up smoothing all the extra fabric in the middle and folding it straight across. So it kind of looks like there is a seam. Next time I make a quilt I'm going to try to get a batting that is fusible. I didn't even know there was such a thing before, but I think that might be good. Because on all the quilts I make, no matter how careful I try to be I cannot seem to keep the fabric on the bottom from folding and bunching.

When I finally finished quilting, 2 years later, I put Wright's Satin Blanket Binding around it. The instructions on the blanket binding are not very good, and I will make another post on how to fold baby binding because it is kind of tricky to go around a corner and all the instructions just say "fold it around the corner". Anyways my binding ended up being 6 inches too short so I have a spot I patched up at the top. If your binding is too short I think your supposed to sew it together diagnoally to create a longer strip. I didn't do this and so the patch job I did doesn't look very good.

I wasn't sure if the binding was supposed to wrap the extra fabric and batting or not. I ended up serging all the way around to trim the extra fabric and batting (also so I could use my new serger). Then I sewed the binding onto the quilt with only about a quarter of an inch of the blanket sandwiched between the binding. So there is no padding between the layers of satin. I don't know if this was right or not, but that is how I did it. When I managed to coax my sewing machine all the way around the blanket I was finished! Yeah!

baby quilt

baby quilt

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

20 Weeks Pregnant

So 20 weeks is supposedly the half way point, but I think its kind of cheating since 2 of those weeks are pre-conception and 2 of those weeks you don't even know your pregnant. But it is a milestone nevertheless. I am getting bigger. My belly button is threatening to pop out and it no longer jiggles like a bowl full of jelly when I laugh. The baby is kicking a lot and often.

Running is getting harder in that I am getting slower. I don't think I have any sprinting ability left. I no longer have the ridiculously torturous urge to pee (for the time being) while running or 5 times during the night, so that is good.
All in all things are going well.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Crochet Baby Hat

Things I'm making for the baby

So on my quest to make lots of baby things I crocheted a baby hat. Unfortunately it seems like it might be a little big. I try so hard to do everything according to the directions, but it is really hard to count especially when you are trying to watch TV at the same time. I did start over once after I was about half way done because it was getting really large. Oh well. The pattern I used was at

I am not an experienced crochetier (sp?) So when the directions said, Ch4. 11 dc in 4th ch I wasn't sure what that meant. What it really means is chain 4 stiches and then do 11 double crochets in the first stich of the chain, so this becomes the top of the hat and is a little circle on top.

The next problem I had was on the rows 4-12. The following instructions: (Dc bet next 2 sts) . Were kind of confusing and I think this is where my hat grew in size. Your chain three is on top of one stich, so when it says to double crochet between the next 2 stiches it was hard to decide which one is the next stitch. I finally decided it wasn't the stitch directly below you, (ie the space just left to your 3 chained crochets), but the next one. If I make another attempt at the hat I'll try to post a picture. But even though I was trying to be so careful, my hat still grew so that I ended up doing 37 or 38 double crochets instead of the 36 specified. Darn!!

Also I never figured out how to do the reverse single crochet. It probably didn't help that I also tried to change yarn colors at the same time. But by this time my eyes hurt and I just wanted to finish it. So I just single crocheted between the stiches around the hat in the same direction I had been going.

Well if anyone trys to make this baby hat I hope my hints help some, and maybe someday someone can explain the reverse single crochet to me. Are you supposed to keep the needle in the same hand as you always use?

Lost Blog

I lost my blog for a day, but I guess it was because I created my blog in the beta version of blogger and I was trying to log in to the non-beta version. But I found it now. Yeah! But now it won't let me post! Oh wait it is just that everytime I hit publish it was posting it but telling me it couldn't. So I had this same post listed 5 times. Urgh I hate computers, I need to find a new profession.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Crochet Wool Diaper Covers

What I am making for the baby

So I am really excited for the baby to come and I think to fulfill my nesting instinct I feel the need to make stuff (this website included). So one of the things I have done is to crochet a Tickle Turdle Wool Diaper Cover. Now I have no idea if these covers are any good, but they only take a few hours to make so it is a good project for me since I don't have a lot of patience.

So I found this website that has videos of crochet stitches. Since basically all I knew how to do was a single crochet, this way I was able to figure out how to do the front post and back post stiches. I had tried looking at some diagrams but those were hopeless. I love the internet. You can learn how to do anything!

Since I don't have a real baby to try it on I had to put it on a stuffed animal (see picture). So I have made two so far. A size small and an x-small. The x-small may end up being too small, but oh well its really cute. Next I'm going to try crocheting a hat. I still have my quilt I'm working on. But my sewing machine keeps jamming so its kind of frustrating me.

My Serger

Stuff I'm making for the baby

So I found a serger for sale on Craigslist for $75 and decided to get it. I had been trying to make some baby diaper wipes and burp rags but a regular sewing machine just doesn't cut it. (Hee hee, I didn't mean to do that) It supposedly came with the manual but it wasn't really the manual it was a workbook.

The Serger I got is a Kenmore Overlock 3/4D Model 385.1664190 aka 16641. So I searched the internet to see if I could find the manual. Finally I found that at if you go to customer service and parts and put in the complete model number (385.1664190) then you can get any part that goes to the serger or sewing machine and it has all sorts of schematics and pictures and stuff. Unfortunately the manual was labeled as Instruction Book so I had to go through about 15 links before I found the manual. But it was only $8 plus $7 shipping. (The shiping always gets you.)

Anyways the serger is great and my diaper wipes and burp rags look so professional! The best part is that I don't have to measure and cut the fabric perfectly. I can just use my scissors and cut out the area I want and then trace the shape I want using a sewing pencil and then just run my serger along the lines and it cuts it all for me! Also it doesn't jam like my sewing machine does. You think it would with all those threads, but once you get the tension set correctly things just go smoothly. I went to the library and got the book, "The Complete Serger Handbook" by Chris James. This taught me some serging techniques, plus it helped me figure out how to thread the machine before the manual arrived.

Well I guess I'll try this

I've been thinking of doing a blog for a while, but it just seems like one more thing to think about. Plus I spend enough time on the computer as it is, but now thatwe're having a baby I think family and friends may be interested in seeing what's going on these days. I am always figuring out how to do random stuff by searching the internet so I feel like I should "give back". I know, really cliche, but anyways I have a lot of stuff I want to put up here, but I think its going to take a while to get to it all.