Sunday, November 12, 2006

Crochet Baby Hat

Things I'm making for the baby

So on my quest to make lots of baby things I crocheted a baby hat. Unfortunately it seems like it might be a little big. I try so hard to do everything according to the directions, but it is really hard to count especially when you are trying to watch TV at the same time. I did start over once after I was about half way done because it was getting really large. Oh well. The pattern I used was at

I am not an experienced crochetier (sp?) So when the directions said, Ch4. 11 dc in 4th ch I wasn't sure what that meant. What it really means is chain 4 stiches and then do 11 double crochets in the first stich of the chain, so this becomes the top of the hat and is a little circle on top.

The next problem I had was on the rows 4-12. The following instructions: (Dc bet next 2 sts) . Were kind of confusing and I think this is where my hat grew in size. Your chain three is on top of one stich, so when it says to double crochet between the next 2 stiches it was hard to decide which one is the next stitch. I finally decided it wasn't the stitch directly below you, (ie the space just left to your 3 chained crochets), but the next one. If I make another attempt at the hat I'll try to post a picture. But even though I was trying to be so careful, my hat still grew so that I ended up doing 37 or 38 double crochets instead of the 36 specified. Darn!!

Also I never figured out how to do the reverse single crochet. It probably didn't help that I also tried to change yarn colors at the same time. But by this time my eyes hurt and I just wanted to finish it. So I just single crocheted between the stiches around the hat in the same direction I had been going.

Well if anyone trys to make this baby hat I hope my hints help some, and maybe someday someone can explain the reverse single crochet to me. Are you supposed to keep the needle in the same hand as you always use?

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