Friday, March 7, 2014

Allie's Art Factory

Allie wants to create as much artwork as possible so she can sell it to make money.  I am completely biased, but I think she is pretty good.  What impresses me the most is how she creates her image just so, and then moves onto the next one without overworking any one piece. The only downside to her factory, is that she goes through reams of paper, and leaves them scattered all over the house, not to mention when she cuts them up into teeny tiny pieces for her collage works.

Other than her art, Allie enjoys animals.  She likes watching Wild Kratts and can give you all sorts of interesting facts on worms, honey badgers, dolphins and all sorts of other creatures.  Lately we've been collecting worms on our way home from dropping Selena off at school and letting them live in our garden, which is a good place to live because there are no moles or raccoons who are their predators.  Despite claiming that she does not like to play princesses I have witnessed her pretending to be Princess Worm.

Her tummy and other general aches and pains, and reflux still trouble her off and on.  She is gluten free and around August when I finally managed to stop accidentally feeding her gluten she seemed to get a big increase in energy.  Where she usually refused to walk, she went 3 miles without complaining.  But once school started the energy seems to come and go.  She tends to be constipated frequently.  It is really frustrating not knowing what is going on.