Monday, May 5, 2014

My Favorite Blogs

I don't think I have ever done a round up of my favorite blogs so I figured I should do one.  I use feedly as a blog reader.  I am not sure how many blogs I am subscribed to but it is at least a couple hundred.  Serves as a good way to feed my desire to know everything about everything.

Education - 

Teacher Tom -  Cooperative preschool teacher in Seattle.  I kind of have some hero worship toward Teacher Tom.  He posts daily and is consistently insightful.

Not Just Cute - Early childhood education.

Education Rethink - Teacher blog with some tech involved.

Blogging in the Fourth Dimension - Teacher blog.


Crappy Pictures - Funny parenting cartoons.

Free Range Kids -  Advocate to stop having policy being driven by worst-first thinking.

Hobo Mama - One of the first blogs I subscribed to.  She lives in Seattle.  Mostly parenting topics.


Indietutes -  There have been numerous posts that I feel like came out of my own head.  Sewing, parenting, books and learning.

Ikat bag - Lots of sewing and crafting as well as parenting posts.  Love her posts on drafting.

Fashion Incubator - I don't read this one much anymore, but at one point in time I read almost the entire site and learned a ton about sewing and manufacturing.

Food / Health - I am completely obsessed with this blog right now.  I downloaded some of her exercises and they have been amazingly effective.

Marks Daily Apple - Primal eating blog.

Tech - 

mathbabe - Former Wall Street quant turned Occupy Wall Street supporter.

Geekwire - Seattle based tech news

Art -

Will Terry - Children's book illustrator.  He has lots of instructional art videos and shares about being a freelance illustrator and children's book app creator.

Carla Sonheim - I love her art books.

Humans of New York - Photographic documentary of people in New York.