Friday, December 22, 2006

How slow can I go?

So at 26 weeks pregnant I hit 10:02 min/mile pace today on my 2.5 mile run. I don't even know if what I do is qualified as running anymore. I guess it was my 2.5 mile jog, almost a wog. However as slow as I was going, I still passed someone. :)

Its very odd, because my breathing isn't hard, and my legs don't feel tired, but I just can't run any faster. I think anything that used to resemble a fast twitch muscle has disappeared. Also my hip flexors don't seem to want to lift my legs any more. Is it hormones? Is it the extra 15lbs? Once the baby comes will I suddenly be able to run 8 min pace easily again? Or will it take a little while to get back into it? I guess I'll have to wait and see.

My friend Bethany who runs with me at work during lunch has found a new job. Since I have no confidence in being able to out run the boogie man, and there are lots of boogie men in parkland, plus boogie dogs, I guess I won't be able to run during lunch anymore. Dyna will be happy about that, but I'm bummed because it means shorter runs, in the dark and rain. Oh well.

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baplacek said...

Hi sweetie,
I am so impressed that you actually run rather than go at a slow trot.
You look absolutely beautiful and I was so happy to see you at our house.
I'll have to get the knitting needles flying to get some baby goodies ready by March.
Love you,
Barbara P