Saturday, December 9, 2006

Dog Bite

So I got bit by a dog this week. A friend and I were running during lunch and a big black dog ran right past my friend, chomped my leg, and then ran back in the bushes. It was really quick and I didn't even realize it bit me until after it had run away. It just barely scratched the skin, so there was a little bit of blood but it wasn't bleeding. So we ran back to work.

I just figured that was that, but then people at work said I needed to go to the doctor, my mom said I had to call animal control. So I went to the dr and he gave me some antibiotics, but he didn't really want to treat me because I'm pregnant. I called animal control but haven't heard back from the sheriff. I have ugly bruising on my calf, but it doesn't hurt too much. Overall it was just a dumb.

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