Sunday, January 6, 2008

10 months

Oops I didn't get a chance to post for a few months partly because Selena has become mobile and I've been busy chasing her around. She started with an inch worm crawl where she would get up on all fours lean forward and fall to her tummy and then start the whole process over. She did that for a few weeks and then she figured out the "cross" crawl and has become pretty fast. She also has become very proficient at crusing along the furniture. I am sure her first steps will be coming shortly.

She is also babbling a lot. Ma ma ma, da da da, ba ba ba, etc. Sometimes I think she might be meaning to say mama and dada, but I'm not sure. In addition to her babbling she loves to growl. I thought she would out grow that habit quickly but she has been growling for a few months now.

She is growing so quickly and it is so fun to be around her while she is learning and exploring the world. We love her so much.

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