Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Selena the silly girl

Selena has been very busy this month with toddler gym, swimming lessons and Halloween which has led to her telling lots of stories about dada and bubble, bubble, bubble, and frequent requests for candy.

Halloween was a lot of fun. Selena enjoyed trick-or-treating and though she couldn't say trick-or-treat she said hi, thank you, and bye. She did not want to help remove any of the seeds out of the pumpkin, but she did enjoy drawing on it, and eating the seeds once they had been cooked.

Selena is becoming quite an artist. She loves drawing on paper and on her magnetic doodle board and has started drawing people by drawing a circle with eyes and hair. It is amazing how fast she learns things. She also likes for me and dad to draw as well. Both me and dad have become very proficient at drawing all members of the family, including the dog, and putting hats, shoes, pants and socks on everyone, putting cups of apple juice, and apples in our hands, and having us all go swimming. We have to go through the same story lines with play-doh as well.

She is still a fan of reading books and she even recognizes and can name almost half the alphabet. Her favorite books right now are: If you Give a Moose a Muffin, If you Give a Pig a Pancake, and Room on the Broom. Her favorite number is nine and if you ask her any questions that you should respond with a number she'll answer nine. So you can make her sound very smart by asking her what 3 times 3 is, or the square root of 81, or the atomic number of Fluorine. We have a really cute video that I should post some time.

I've also been convinced that Selena is sillier than the average toddler. For instance when she sees the moon she makes the "bah-bah-bah-bah" sound when you tap your hand on your mouth. As far as I know no one ever taught her that. She's been making monster sounds (growling) or talking in a monster voice ever since she was 6 months old. When she sees her binky on the floor she bends over, without bending her knees, and picks it up with her mouth. When she is not drawing or reading a book she is pretty much always making funny noises and running or jumping. I am sure there are lots of other things as well. In general she just seems to be a very silly kid which is very entertaining.

Basically she is amazing us every day with the new things she learns and we are so proud.

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