Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sew your own soft sole baby shoes

So these are so cute, really quick to make, are a great way to use scrap fabric, and are really useful. They help keep a baby's socks on their slippery feet and are good for feet as they are learning how to walk.

My favorite free pattern is from StardustShoes but it doesn't enlarge very well, so for bigger feet Tacky Living's pattern is good.

I used jiffy grip slipper fabric on the bottom of some, and scraps of PUL (waterproof diaper cover material) with the plastic side out on others.


Dawn said...

Those are so cute. I bought fabric to make some for my last baby and never got around to it. Baby #3 is due in a couple weeks. You have re-inspired me to make some.

Jessica Buurman said...

wonderful baby shoes.
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crochetronix c said...

Lovely idea.. Thank you!!!

Angel Baby said...

Hey WAHM, I'm totally agreed with you that these are the useful collection of soft sole baby shoes to taken care of your babies feet as they are at the stage of learning how to walk.
You have posted a very beautiful post.