Saturday, April 25, 2009

Amy Butler Nappy Bag

So I just finished making a new diaper bag. I used a backpack with Selena and I liked it, but it almost has too many pockets so I would have to dig through 5 pockets to find what I needed, but it was nice to have when I would wear Selena in front in a baby carrier. But I got it stuck in my head that I really wanted this diaper bag so for my birthday I asked for the pattern. It was pretty easy to make, but takes a ton of fabric. Apparently I did not make this bag to save money as I spent $50 on fabric and interfacing plus the pattern cost $12. But it was all birthday gifts so I can justify it.

I tried it out yesterday and it worked pretty good. It is very comfortable on the shoulder and is a nice generous size. The bag has 3 pockets on one side and I put two pockets on the other side. One to fit the changing pad, and one for wipes. I added a loop inside the bag to attach my keys to, and that is very convenient. It is long enough that I can unlock the door (yes I still actually have to unlock my car doors and don't have a magical button to push) without detaching it and can even drive without detaching it as well. I also added a small credit card pocket so that when we go to the library or YMCA I can put my cards there so they are easy to find. The only kind of weird thing about the bag is that the top of the bag is connected so you can't take the handles and open the bag wide to look through it. There is plenty of room to get in it, but my first instinct was to open it up completely and then realized you can't do that.

Here is my official review of the pattern.

But I think the bag is very pretty and I am very pleased with it.


The Gochev's said...

nice work, love the fabrics!

The Gochev's said...

nice work, love the fabrics!

Cheris said...

Ooh.. I like the fabric you chose. Have you ever heard of Laura... you should make things and sell them on there! It's free and everything on there is homemade! I LOVE it!! You are obviously very talented. I don't think you would have a problem selling anything on there. How r u feeling anyway? Baby is coming REAL...SOON!

Laura said...


Thank you. You are so sweet. Yes I have heard of Etsy, but I'm a pretty slow seamstress so I'd only be making a couple dollars per hour if I were to sell anything, and I don't have enough time, so I just sew for myself and friends.