Monday, July 27, 2009

2 Months Old

Here is an update on our little Allie-gator.
  • She weighed 10lbs 1 oz last week.
  • We found a binky she likes.
  • She's been working on her hand control and is good at knocking the binky out of her mouth, and she tries really hard to nudge it back in.
  • She coos a lot and is good at saying "goo."
  • She's smiley.
  • Loves to be naked.
  • Loves baths.
  • Loves her family.
  • She will fall asleep in the swing sometimes, but still prefers to be put in the baby carrier, and walked up and downstairs to fall asleep. For one or two naps a day she will let you set her down and she'll stay asleep for a while.
  • She does not like to be in the baby carrier while awake. Which is kind of inconvenient.
  • Has joined the rest of the family and joined the go-to-bed late club. Apparently our kids haven't gotten the memo that kids go to bed early.
  • She tends to be fussy in the evening.
  • She likes holding my hand while she falls asleep.
  • She has slept through the night a few times.
  • She does not like the library. She cries every time we go.
  • She is very gassy. She often tricks us into thinking she has a dirty diaper and thinks its hilarious.
  • She is very wiggly.
  • She snorts a lot when she cries.
  • She does pretty good in the car as long as she has a clean diaper and isn't hungry.
  • She had some bad baby acne, but it is gone now.
  • She has pretty bad cradle cap. I scrubbed her head for 30 minutes and got rid of most of it, and a couple days later it came back.
  • We love her and love seeing how she grows.

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