Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm a Cat

Selena has been doing great.  I'm not sure if its coincidence or not, but I've been using some gentle discipline techniques and since I've started Selena's behavior in general has been great.  She has been patient with her sister.  She has been saying sorry when she makes a mistake, and overall has been fairly helpful.   It is wonderful.  It wasn't that long ago that she would run off in the blink of an eye.  But she doesn't do that any more (well almost) and even more she attempts to keep Allie from doing it.  

Lately she's been into climbing.  We have tons of playgrounds near our new house and we've been exploring all of them.  She has also learned how to slide down poles.  Which she loves.  She has also been practicing the monkey bars and if they aren't too far apart and have a slight decline she can do them 95% on her own.  

We got a membership to the Everett Children's Museum and her favorite part was the construction room.  They have these really cool toys that you can build child size cars and houses out of.  They have special screws, bolts and wrenches to put them together.  So she strapped on her tool belt and grabs her wrench and shouts, "Righty tighty, Lefty Loosey" and starts building.  We spent at least an hour in that room the first day, and we had to go back the next day and she spent another 45 minutes.  When we left the first day I told her we needed to take apart her creation and she got excited and said, "Now I can do lefty loosey!"  

We've visited my new nephew a few times and she absolutely loves him.  She always wants to hold him and she carries on about how cute he is, and how much she loves him.  

Her and Allie have been getting along pretty well.  She carries on about how cute Allie is as well.  When Allie is upset she tries to make her happy.  Selena loves to snuggle and Allie has started snuggling with her more often and Selena likes that.  She does not like the baby slobber kisses Allie likes to plant on her however.  

I think Halloween is one of her favorite holidays because she seems to remember it well, even when she was only one.  Floyd asked her if she was going to be a cat this year and she looked at him with a puzzled expression and as if he was crazy and said, "I'm already a cat."  The fourth of July was fun.  Last year the smoke bombs were her favorite, this year she could care less about them.  This year she liked the pop-its, the sparklers, and the parachute guy.  

She got a book at the library about Arthur losing a tooth, and there was an episode in her new favorite show, Super Why, on the tooth fairy so she is very excited about her and Allie losing their teeth.  

She likes doing the "make a word" games on and she is getting pretty good at them.   She knew all her letters at a pretty young age, before she was two, but I'm not sure if she still knows them all.  When she has to pick the letter that fills in the blank sometimes she says the letter name, but sometimes she doesn't.  

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