Thursday, July 7, 2011

I miss my puppy

Allie is embracing her role as a two year old.  While she has always been an independent sole, she is going through a streak of being even more so, which unfortunately means that she is starting to run away.  I swear it is the most stressful thing in the world trying to walk through a parking lot with two children, one or both of which may decide they do not want to do what you want them to. 

She enjoys playing the big bad bear and superheroes.  The big bad bear throws someone in the dungeon and the other ones have to be superheroes and rescue the captured one by providing a stick for them to grab onto as the superhero pulls them out.  She likes to include a sharp-tooth or Swiper as an enemy in the script as well. 

She also likes to play with her baby doll.  She takes out blankets and lays them out over and over for her baby.  Or she'll snuggle them up with Dyna and all three of them will snuggle.

She really loves Dyna, or as she calls her, her puppy, her Dynamite, or her doggymite.  When we went on vacation she told me that she really missed her puppy and she wanted to go home to see her. She is pretty good about checking Dyna's food and feeding her, though sometimes she gets distracted and starts putting all of Dyna's food in the water dish and in general making a big mess.

At night she is so sweet and as I am cuddling her she says, "You are the best mama I've ever seen."  And she's the best two year old. :)

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