Friday, May 11, 2012

Allie Has Tummy Problems

Allie is almost three and is starting to act like a three year old.  She has been struggling with sharing, taking turns, and being nice.  She's been pinching, hitting, kicking, and plotting revenge.  She whines and cries often.  It is pretty frustrating.  Floyd yelled at her the other day for throwing rocks from Selena's rock collection in the house.  Upset, she takes the remote for the TV and tries to hide it from him.  Devious.

But the poor girl may have an excuse for all her grumpiness.  Her tummy hurts pretty much constantly and she has reflux often.  Per the awesome book, What's Eating Your Child, I figured it was probably milk.  I switched to goat's milk and her reflux went away and she said her tummy didn't hurt.  Great!!  She still could eat cheese and butter.  Goat's milk is an easy substitute.  I thought we were all good.  Then we ran out of goat's milk and I gave her some cow milk, and then she got a cold.  She had another incident of her chronic early morning vomiting followed by a nap and then fine.  I removed all dairy, except when I forgot, and her tummy still hurt.  It has be over a month and her tummy still hurts.  When we did give her dairy, for random reasons, she had reflux.  She has been completely dairy free for about a week and still has a tummy ache but the reflux is gone.  I've been giving her a probiotic as well.  I've half-heartedly tried eliminating eggs, but she loves them, and insists they don't hurt her tummy.  Really gluten is the next thing to try, but it seems like such a hard one.  I really need to just buckle down and do it, and really I should do it with both girls.  My biggest problem is what is a good on-the-go sandwich replacement?

On the positive side, Allie is getting to be a good climber and is starting to follow her sister monkeying around.  Here is a picture of her days before her first birthday.  When most babies are just learning to walk she was climbing box mountains.  When she got to be around two, she started realizing that what she was doing was kind of scary, and she became a bit reticent and asked for help a lot.  It seems like now she's getting her courage back and venturing out a bit more.

She really, really likes computers.  Physical movement and outdoor play is probably my biggest soap box as what is important for young children (or really everyone), but at the same time its dark, cold, and rainy around here for the majority of the year.  I like computers.  I am a computer programmer.  I write apps for kids.  Really I think there is a lot of positive benefits to using a computer, just as long as it doesn't come at the expense of running around and playing.  One day I was not letting her play and she was whining.  I said she couldn't just sit at the computer and play all day and she said, "but you do."  Touche.  Really?  How can you make logical and rational argument like that, but insist that their is nothing wrong with you pinching your sister for no reason.   I just have to remember to lock the computer once I'm done with it, so that she has to ask before she gets on.  I'm just waiting for one of them to figure out the password by watching me type it.  Selena keeps thinking it is p-a-s-s-w-o-r-d because that's what the prompt says.  But really I think Allie will be my kid that I can groom into a top-notch developer. ;)  

She loves singing and dancing and unlike her father or I she seems to be able to carry a tune.  Now that she is almost three she is eligible for classes at the Y.  I think I'm going to try and get her in some ballet or gymnastics.  She also likes babies.  She likes her baby doll and she likes looking at pictures of babies.  There is a little boy that we have playgroup with, and she really likes him, except he tries to take her toys often, so she wants his mom to hold him.  I asked her if she made any friends at the daycare at the Y and she said, "A little boy in a green shirt was following me around.  He really loves me."

I've signed her up for preschool.  I really wish there was a super awesome reasonably priced outdoor preschool nearby, or that we lived in Seattle and could go to Teacher Tom's school, but I hate driving, so I am all about proximity.  The preschool Selena goes to doesn't have an afternoon program for Allie's age group so I signed Allie up for the big church preschool that is right in the neighborhood.  I like Selena's school because they have a great outdoor, nature play area that has lots of trees to climb and bugs to find, but I think the curriculum there is pretty underwhelming.   The church school is more definitively play based and I think I will like the curriculum more, but their playground is pretty barren--plastic toys on bark.   Allie says she isn't ready to go to preschool yet, because she isn't old enough, but soon she will be old enough.


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