Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Kids Math App Available on iPad/iPhone, Android, Kindle and Nook

After six months of hard work I finished my newest app and it is ready for purchase.  It is an educational game for kids around the ages of 4 - 6.  The game consists of completing ABAB and ABCABC pattern puzzles to save the good alien monsters from the bad alien monsters.  Learn more about it on my Corvid Apps website.

New apps get buried in the app stores and can be almost impossible to find.  If I can get a large amount of downloads right when it is released, there is a good chance it will be put on various featured lists and thus will result in even more sales.  If you want to do me a favor, buy the app, review it, and share it with your friends today.  Thank you!

Click the following links to buy:

iOS (iPad, iPhone and iTouch)Google PlayNook Apps (TM) and Amazon

Kids Pattern Recognition - Beginner (Preschool and Kindergarten) - Corvid Apps

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