Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lost Her First Tooth

Selena lost her first tooth!  She is seven and has spent almost two full school years watching all her schoolmates lose teeth, but all her teeth were staying stubbornly in her mouth.  She had even sewn herself a tooth pillow all by herself in anticipation of the event.

She lost it while we were on vacation, staying at my friends house.  It was really loose and I asked if she wanted me to pull it.  I tried, but it was giving me the heeby jeebies so I set Floyd to the task.  He pulled it out, and stuck it in a plastic bag.

I decided I needed to wash it.  My friend stopped me and told me to go to the bathroom and plug the sink. While I headed to the bathroom she was telling us about how she lost her daughter's first tooth by trying to wash it and it went down the drain.  Of course while she is telling the story I am rinsing the tooth.  It slips from my hand.  I panic and attempt to turn off the water, and hit the handle that was clogging the drain, which opens the drain, and the tooth goes down the sink.  It was April 1st so Floyd was hoping me losing it was an April Fool's joke, sadly it was not.

Luckily Selena is handles disappointing situations extremely well and assured me that a nice note to the tooth fairy would be just as good as the actual tooth, and she was right. :)

She also lost her second tooth a few weeks later.  This time she pulled it out herself, and I was not allowed to touch it. It stayed in ziplock so it could be safely put under her pillow.

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