Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Living With a Newborn

I've been getting lots of email from people asking how everyone is doing, but haven't had much time to answer everyone. But we are all doing well. Selena is two and a half weeks old, and she sleeps well most nights, there have been a some nights that she has been upset, but they are fewer than the ones where she doesn't fuss much. She sleeps in the play pen next to our bed, but sometimes I do fall asleep with her in our bed.

Breastfeeding is hard work, but we are getting better at it. We got her weighed yesterday and she was exactly at her birth weight (babies lose some weight initially and then gain it back) so the doctor was concerned because ideally she should be a little more by now. Except she is goes through a ton of diapers, and she doesn't look like a dehydrated baby so she wasn't too worried. So I had an appointment with the lactation nurse today, and she said I was doing everything right and that Selena looked great and she is sure that her weight gain will pick up.

We are using cloth diapers and so far it seems to be going well and isn't a whole lot of trouble. I just throw them in the wash for a few hours and then take them out and bring them back up stairs. It just takes a few minutes to sort them into the appropriate baskets. Some of the cute diapers I made her are already getting on the smallish side. :( And Floyd has done a good job changing her dirty diapers. She always seems to dirty one when she is in his lap.

She is absolutely adorable and I just love to stare at her. From the moment she was born she made squeaky noises. So we call her Squeaker. Dyna is getting used to her and has been fairly good. She likes sniffing her and giving her kisses.

I've had a lot of wonderful help. My mom, dad, sister and brother all have stayed a night or more to help out by making cooking and cleaning. My mother-in-law brought some food for us, and this week Breea is in town and has been great with cooking, cleaning and assembling baby paraphernalia.

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