Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sew your own baby bibs

These are my two favorite kinds of bibs to sew and I have never seen them in stores so they make great baby shower gifts.

The first are made of fleece and simply serged around the edges (which isn't even needed because fleece doesn't ravel) and then sew some velcro for fastener. I just traced a bib I had bought for the shape. The fleece bibs work great for drooly babies because they last longer than a cotton bib and keep the baby's clothes drier.

The second is a sleeved bib, which is really nice for when your little one is feeding themselves and they are really messy. This will keep their sleeves clean as well as their front. Here is a link to the free long sleeved bib pattern.

These aren't homemade, but I think they are the greatest bibs. They catch all the food your child drops, and you just rinse them off in the sink. I was washing tons of cloth bibs, plus Selena's clothes because they didn't really keep her very clean. The Bibbity bib is excellent for going out because you can roll it up and it doesn't take up much space. The Baby Bjorn one is a little more structured so it catches food a bit better and is easier to wash, but doesn't fold up. I use the Baby Bjorn bib at home and the Bibbity one stays in the diaper bag or purse.

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