Sunday, January 4, 2009

The very particular 22 month old

Selena is doing wonderful and is getting very close to being 2 years old. Which is really crazy for me, but every day she learns more new things and can do more things for herself, so it is becoming more and more obvious that she is not a baby anymore.

But with this new found autonomy I am starting to notice that she is a lot less flexible. She will get something in her head and she becomes very insistent that it be done her way, and no other. We also have to give her more warning when we are changing activities or are doing something new. She became very unhappy when we "all of a sudden" took the Christmas tree down, but I think if we had warned her she wouldn't have been so upset. But even when she throws her little tantrums, it is still really cute.

She loves to read and most of our day is spent reading books. She has pretty much mastered all her letters and colors and is increasing the adjectives in her vocabulary every day. She still loves to draw, and have other people draw for her, and her drawing abilities are becoming increasingly impressive each day. Honestly I am in awe of her. It is so crazy to think that a little less than 2 years ago she could was completely dependent for everything.

And now that she is becoming a jabber box she says lots of funny things. When we run out of something (usually food) and tell her it is all gone she states, "buy more." She is constantly bossing Dyna around--telling her to come sit next to her, or go there. Unfortunately for her Dyna isn't as good as mom or dad at listening to her.

Christmas was a lot of fun, but she wasn't too interested in opening presents. She pretty much wanted to play with or put on the first present she opened, and could care less about the rest. She is a huge fan of Elmo and Abby (Sesame Street) and got some dolls, books and posters that she was very excited about.

She also has stopped using a binky. We lost it one day, searched for it for about 15-20 minutes before bedtime but couldn't find it (and still haven't found it). But she didn't seem too upset about not being able to find "blue binky," and has been fine (well at least no more difficult than normal) with going to bed and going down for naps. So that was easy. It is such a relief when things you think might be hard don't end up being so hard. The only thing is, now she tends to stick her hands in her mouth a lot more than she did before.

She is also very excited about the baby and she is constantly talking to, reading to, snuggling with, and giving kisses to my tummy. It is really adorable, and I know she is going to be a great big sister. When she sees other babies, she gets really excited. We were at the YMCA and a mom was there with a newborn, and she had set the newborn on the floor while she pushed her toddler in the swing and Selena saw the baby on the floor by itself and said. "Mama, baby, baby, help, help." It was really cute. She is constantly making me carry her baby doll around the house.

Selena's drawing of Dad

She loves to play dress up and wanted to immediately wear all the new clothes she got

She snuggled herself up on the chair to read

Sledding with dad

Taking care of her baby. She is very concerned that a baby must always be held.

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HWPP said...

Oh my goodness she is so cute! And very clever too from the sounds of it :o)