Thursday, February 26, 2009

3rd trimester - 29 weeks

So as soon as I started the third trimester along came third trimester symptoms, heartburn, back pain, foot pain, tiredness, crazy leg cramps, waking up in the middle of the night hungry. Yay! Why can't the whole pregnancy be like the second trimester? Then pregnancy is actually enjoyable, you forget about the yuckiness of the first trimester and your optimistic that the third one will be fine. But even though its starting to get tough and I'm having symptoms I did not have when I was pregnant with Selena (the heartburn) I still think this time it is easier simply because I know what to expect and not stressed worrying about labor, being a mom, or taking care of a newborn. I do enjoy being pregnant, but it is tough.

I passed the gestational diabetes test, which is a relief. I did end up eating a bit of scrambled egg in the morning because I was freaking myself out over fasting that long. And though I didn't feel well by the time I got to my appointment I didn't pass out. :)

The baby is still spinning around and was breech at my last appointment. I've been doing some exercises to encourage the baby to land the right way before he or she runs out of room.

I am going to start my Hypnobabies course next week, which I'm kind of excited about because it is so relaxing and makes me excited for the birth which is getting so close.

My last day of work is tomorrow, for real, so I am excited about having some extra rest/free time. We still need to think of names. We are really procrastinating on that. Selena is still excited. She calls herself big sister and talks about the big baby in mama's big belly all the time.

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