Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sew your own soft structured carrier

So in my last post about sewing baby carriers I mentioned that I was sewing a new one from this free SSC pattern. It was a gift for a friend, but it seemed to work pretty good. I think it will be great for back carries, but I'm not sure if I made
the strap buckle be able to slide up high enough to allow someone to buckle it in the back (for a front carry) without help. The darts in the seat are great, and are a big improvement over the dartless seat I made with my own pattern. I didn't make a sleeping hood, but probably should have. I didn't really know what they were for, but then realized they are to prop the head and avoid head flop. (See picture.)

I only tried a front carry with my friend's super cute 5 month old and I didn't use the strap buckle (I hadn't attached it yet). I did put Selena in a back carry for a
short period of time, but I'm pregnant so my belly was kind of in the way. The shoulder straps and waist band were also too big for me (but I am pretty small). I am making another one for another friend, but will soon make one for me for the new baby, but I will narrow the straps towards the end and may angle them a little bit more up (instead of out). I will also make a smaller waist band, more the size of the one I made with my my own pattern.

I also am unsure about the use of the camping mat for the waist band. In the first one I made I just used high density foam that you can get at Joanns. This seems more comfy for front carries, especially if you need to sit down, but for back carries the thicker foam seems a lot more substantial and supportive. I will make one with the camping mat for me since I already have one with the thinner foam.

Just to note it costs me around $15-$25 to make one of these (depends on the fabric) compared to the $100-$150 it costs to buy a similar one.

Sorry the pictures are kind of lame, but I was in a hurry and then I gave it away.


Chelsea said...

Great job! I am glad the pattern worked well for you. I have never tried the foam myself but I may have to give it a try someday.

MyClothLove said...

thank you for your post. I am wanting to make a carrier like this but taller and wider for my larger son but I feel more confident when someone can give me more detailed help.

Ima Haribo said...

Hi Laura! May I please have the pattern for your SSC? I would appreciate it so much! It looks perfect for what I need!

Jessica Newman said...

Hello, would you mind emailingme the

Your carrier looks lovely!

Thanks x

Kristin said...

Hi, thanks for your blog, it's really helpful! I'm struggling top find the spot on ssc's site to download the pattern. Do you have any tips? Or could you email me the pattern?(for personal use)

Mirka Hokkanen said...

Thanks for the review. I am going to give this a whirl too and see what happens. :) Where did you buy the buckles?

Laura said...

There were two local stores that carried buckles and webbing -- Seattle Fabrics, and Pacific Fabrics & Crafts. You can order online via Seattle Fabrics.

Erin Miller said...

Hi Laura! I am trying to make the same carrier but not sure if I have enough layers of fabric. I'm using a canvas home decor fabric for the outside and cotton for the inside of the body panel. Do you think that is enough layers? It's hot here and I don't want to add more than I have to but of course, I don't want to drop a baby. :) What did you use on yours? Thanks!

Laura said...

Erin - Your comment must have gotten lost in my email box. I usually use three layers for the body. An inner canvas weight material that I sew the straps onto, and then usually quilting cotton for the outer and inner pieces. I also use pants weight, or heavier weight fabric for the straps.

Nora Sebastian said...

This looks great! Did you add the chest buckle on the straps? I don't se it on the pattern. I'd love to have that feature. Could you tell me how to add it?