Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Big Sister

After calling herself big sister for the past 6 months, she now officially is, and she loves it. She is handling sharing her mom and dad very well, almost too well. I was trying to give Allie to Floyd while I put her down to bed and Selena said that Allie didn't need her dad, she just needed to snuggle in her mama's arms. Unfortunately trying to put Selena to bed and dealing with her many trips to the potty while holding Allie isn't the easiest task. But overall she is very understanding that when Allie cries or needs to eat that it is important to take care of her. In the car Allie was crying and Selena was telling her it was okay and started singing rock-a-bye baby to her. So adorable.

The strangest thing for me has been at how big Selena became overnight. She was my baby and so small, and then Allie came and instantly she became huge and such a big girl. The comparison is crazy when I am holding her in my arms, or changing her diapers. My baby isn't a baby anymore.

The other thing I have noticed is that she doesn't listen as well as I thought she did. Not being able to pick her up and make her do what I want, rudely brought this to my attention. She might not be behaving quite as well as usual due to not having mom's complete attention, as well as lack of sleep, but I'm not sure. The lack of sleep has been a major problem. She hasn't gotten many days with a full night of sleep and a full nap. Hopefully as we adjust to life with a newborn she'll stop waking up early and taking short naps, or even worse no nap. There is a definite correlation between her behavior and how much she has slept.

She is also doing great on her tricycle, or as she calls it, her motorcycle. She has mastered pedaling and turning. We ride around the block and she still has a problem when their is an incline. I don't think the wheels on the trike are big enough. But other than that she is a pro.

We've made lots of trips to the playground and she spends almost the entire time on the swing. She has even graduated to the big swings. I was scared at first that she wouldn't remember to hold on, but she does. She still likes to go in the baby swings too. Actually she usually has to go on every swing available at least once.

She is doing good at counting now. She can count to 10, usually skipping 4 and 5, but sometimes she remembers them. She can also manipulate her fingers into the right numbers. Floyd asked her how old she was and she put up two fingers and said two. She used to say she was 18 or 13. But then she said she was 2 months and she can drive. :)

Potty training is going okay. She goes on the potty quite a few times every day. Unfortunately she seems more likely to go in the potty when she is wearing a diaper than when she is wearing undies, but she loves to wear undies. Of course she is very good about going when it is time to go to bed or take a nap. But she does actually go most of the time so I can't get upset at her stalling tactics. fh

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The Gochev's said...

Cute, I love her outfit. :)

Glad she's adjusting to well to Ali.