Monday, June 1, 2009

1 week old

Allie is one week old. I am starting to feel much better, almost full mobility, and am getting into the swing of being a mom of two. Having Floyd around is very nice.

Nursing is going ok. I've been trying really hard to not use the nipple shield, but sometimes Allie gets so frustrated. She'll fall off the latch, won't latch, arch her back, suck her fingers, gets impatient for let down, so then I let her latch with the shield on and then remove it after she gets going. But other times she does just fine. I'm sure she'll figure out her baby skills soon. I still haven't figured out how to nurse her without soaking her clothes in milk.

She sleeps a lot and I love holding and cuddling her. She makes the cutest faces while she sleeps. She'll smile, then scowl, then pout, and smile again. Selena loves her, but has already made comments about wishing she was older.

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Kristy said...

what a beautiful baby you have, she looks so snuggly there and what a head of hair already! I was honestly hoping that a second baby would be easier since you've been there done that, but I guess not. At least your older one is playing nicely with the new bub