Sunday, June 20, 2010

Allie Mally Pudding and Pally

Allie is 13 months now. Her first birthday flew by while we were moving. She amazes us every day with her independence and mobility. She climbs on and up everything attempting to match the feats of Selena.  At the moment she is climbing all over the computer chairs which makes it hard for me to type.
She talks quite a bit and has lots of words and even some phrases. She is always asking "tts that" (what's that) and pointing at everything she wants saying "that", "that" sometimes saying "I wan that" (I want that). I've sworn I've heard the phrases "Iwanoutside" (I want outside) "Iwandessert" (I want dessert - while she was pointing at cookies). "Thatdidnthurt" (after she hit me and I said she hurt me). "Iwango" (I want to go). I'm not sure. The words are all blurred together, but it really seems like she says some of that stuff. She also babbles a lot and sometimes it sounds like she is counting. She's not saying the words, but she has the tones down.

She says Dyna pretty clearly. She likes dogs and when we are at the park and she sees a dog she always wants to go and say hi. She is always asking for Dyna's leash and collar and tries to walk Dyna around the house. She is always eating her food and dumping her water all over. :/

She's been eating a lot of bananas lately.  She seems to have become a blueberry snob.  She would gobble the frozen berries we got at the farm faster than you could put them in front of her, but when I've given her berries not from the farm she wouldn't touch them.  Maybe she likes them frozen?  Those berries are the best berries I've ever had.  But overall she is pretty picky.   She still gets the majority of her nutrition from nursing.

Allie is very independent and does not want to be treated like a baby. She wants to climb in her car seat herself.  She doesn't want to sit in the high chair anymore.  She wants to use silverware and she does not want the child size stuff.  I think she gets upset when I give her a plastic plate instead of a glass plate as well.  She wants to peel her own banana.

She is so sweet.  She will climb in your lap and grab your head and plant big slobber kisses right on your mouth.  If you ask for a hug she'll wrap her arms around you and rest her head on your shoulder.

She is learning a bit on cooperating, sharing and cleaning up.  She will clap for herself when she puts stuff away.  Sometimes she'll hand Selena puzzle pieces instead of tearing the puzzle apart.  If you ask her sometimes she'll hand stuff to you.

Allie enjoys flipping pages in books and asking "ttsthat."  She likes digging in the dirt.  Racing and chasing with her sister.  We went to the zoo and she was really interested in the animals.

That's what Allie has been up to.

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