Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Selena Update

Selena is doing great.  She seems to be handling the idea of moving well, except for the fact that I am constantly using it as an excuse for why she can't do things.

Her and Allie are up to their same old tricks; constantly bothering each other.  Except if I try to take Selena to the store without Allie than Selena says that we have to bring Allie because she loves her.  When Allie is sleeping she oohs and aahs over how cute she is.  "Oooh she is such a cute little baby."  She is constantly comparing Allie to her new baby cousin Issac.  She said, "Issac wasn't wiggly like Allie.  HE liked to be held. Why isn't Issac squirmy like Allie?  Why isn't Allie nice like Issac? Why isn't our baby like baby Issac? "

She likes to talk about how old things are and how long they are, but sometimes she gets her types of measurements mixed up.  "I am 6 minutes tall."  or "My birthday is in two inches."  But other times she does get it right.  She also likes to talk ask, "When will Allie be three?  Then how old will I be?" or "When I'm 4 and Allie is three we'll...." She also is very proud of being three.  Whenever the number three comes into conversation she notes that she is three too.

She's made up the word "catty".  It is when someone is acting like a cat.  :)

It seems like she needs a nap again.  She is falling asleep often in the car or in the stroller.  But if she takes a nap, she is up till midnight.  I wish she would sleep easier and would take a short nap before lunch.

Activities this month have included lots of trips to Northwest Trek, the Olympia Children's Museum, and the Poker Player's Alliance Rally (Selena enjoyed making posters for this).

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