Friday, May 7, 2010

My baby is going to be one

It is sad how fast they grow.  I've been reluctant to attach the toddler name to her even though she acts like one in every manner, but since she isn't one yet she is still a baby.   We've definitely got our hands full with this little girl.  She is very tactile and always has been.  But now that she's getting older the hitting, head butting, pinching, etc are not as easily avoided and more problematic.  She is constantly going after Selena and its hard because sometimes Selena retaliates.  It's hard to blame her.  I get frustrated too.  Especially in the middle of the night when Allie has decided the only way she wants to "sleep" is while nursing and pulling my hair.

I think it is also about time where we are going to have to be more equitable.  Allie notices what Selena has and she wants it too.   We went to Northwest Trek today and Selena got some juice that came in a gorilla squeeze bottle.  Allie spent the entire time trying to steal, trick, or sneak the juice away from Selena.  When she did finally manage to get it Selena said, "Everything is terrible".  She really is pesky.  She will take Selena's toys and run off with them giggling and laughing.  When will they play together?  Selena tries, but Allie doesn't get it and thinks its more fun to make Selena upset. 

Allie's getting quicker with her walking.  She's almost running.  She is also good at climbing and has mastered stairs.  Her talking is coming along as well.  She can say diaper change (dida uh) while she signs it.  This is very consistent so I guess besides mama and dada, diaper change is her first word.  I've also heard her say Nana, Dyna, and bear. 

She loves to explore things and gets very angry when you interrupt her.  She likes toothbrushes and at the moment specifically Floyd's.  She also loves shoes and is always insisting on wearing shoes; even to bed.  So I've put her to bed with her little soft soled shoes over her footed jammies.  (See she is like a two year old.  Selena did the same thing a 6 months ago)  She likes playing peek-a-boo and will cover her face and then uncover it, or hide behind a wall and pop out.  She also likes the game I made up, "Allie is walking, walking, walking Allie is walking all day long."  Then we go on to jogging, running and jumping.  She'll wiggle her legs in anticipation of the game while getting her diaper changed.

She usually takes two naps a day.  I think I've convinced her to make bedtime a little later 8 - 8:30, which means she is up at 7.  Which isn't ideal, but much better than 6am.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your Blog.
and looking at the pictures. Wish I could see you all. love you.