Thursday, September 16, 2010

Camping at Dosewallips State Park

We went camping at Dosewallips State Park a couple weeks ago and it was a lot of fun.  We rented a platform tent which was pretty nice.  I felt it was the right level of roughing it.  Not quite as rough as camping in a tent, but more rough than a motor home.  The platform tent had some beds (we brought our own sheets and blankets), a lamp, and a space heater.  The site was pretty big and fairly private.  The only problem was that Allie fell off the platform twice. :(  The canvas walls look like they are stable, but if you lean on them they aren't.

We bought a hot plate from Fred Meyer (about $13) and used that to cook on since there were utility hook ups.  That worked out well and I think was much easier than trying to cook over the fire.  Of course we did do smores over the fire.

Of course the weather didn't cooperate.  The day we arrived was gorgeous, but it rained quite a bit the second day.  It was cloudy the day we left.  But we still went out and walked along the river and went out to the beach.  Floyd and I ran on the hiking trail (Steam Donkey Trail/Maple Valley Loop) that was at the campground.  It was a pretty good run; I think about 4-4.5 miles.  I had to walk on the bit that had some switchbacks, but other than that it was fairly good for running.  We saw the elk herd and that was pretty cool.

It rained when we went out to the beach, but apparently it is the best spot in Washington to get clams and oysters.  We didn't attempt to get any, but we did have fun watching all the little crabs scamper around. 

We took the Kingston ferry and the campground was only about an hour off the ferry, so that was nice that it wasn't too far away. Allie doesn't appreciate long car rides.

We got ice cream at Mora in Kingston.  As a snobby ice cream eater, their stuff is "homemade" and thus good.  I still prefer my own, but theirs is quite comparable.

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Krystie Lee said...

Hi Laura, I was looking for pictures and info about Dosewallips and the platform tents because my family has a trip planned this month. I appreciate seeing your pictures....and the info that little ones can fall off of the platform! I'll beef up the first aid kit, since we're taking little kids. :) Thanks for the post!