Monday, September 20, 2010

Toddler Backpack

I made Selena a backpack for preschool. She puts her daily show and tell in it. It is so nice for her to have a backpack that doesn't dwarf her. I bought the pattern from Made By Rae and really liked it. I have also made her Lickity Split Bag, and so far am very impressed with her patterns. I need to get her Big Butt Baby Pants pattern next.  I am contemplating trying to make a camera bag out of the pattern.  I think it is about the right size and if I just added a bunch of foam it might work.

I used some more of the Marcus Brother's Porcelina collection. I really, really like that fabric.  Allie is wearing the backpack in the picture.  She keeps stealing it and many fights have broken out over it.  I really should make Allie one of her own...

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