Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Excited for Halloween

I think Halloween is Selena's favorite holiday.  She seems to remember prior years fairly well and she gets really excited about it.  She keeps changing her mind on what she wants to be, but at the moment she wants to be a monster again.  I was planning on making her a costume, but dealing with the seizure medication has been hard for me and I might just have to go and buy one.  We carved some pumpkins at Nana and Papa's and this year she actually helped scoop out seeds.  She also tried to get in the pumpkin to see if she would fit because apparently we have a tradition of putting kids in pumpkins.

She likes requesting food in clues.  I want something round and juicy-- an apple.  I want something that reminds me of Halloween -- candy.  I want something oval and juicy -- grapes.  We didn't have any grapes so I tried to give her a pear, but she wouldn't go for it.

She is also big into making last minute plans and keeping them a secret.  She will wake up in the morning and declare that she has a scooter race.  Then she draws a map so her dad can find it.  The map includes shortcuts.  Unfortunately she gets very upset if she is unable to execute her last minute plans.  Her and Mi (Do, Re, Mi) were supposed to have a rollerskating contest yesterday, but obviously we can't just drop everything and go roller skating, and the rink was closed, so she was upset and crying.

She loves preschool, but she has been so grumpy since she's started.  She will sleep till 10 on the mornings without preschool and then I have to get her up at 8:15 on the days with preschool.  Trying to get her to go to bed earlier is impossible.  Usually she'll either take a nap, so then she won't go to bed early, or she will hang on and still stay up late, then sleep in the next day and take a nap.  Floyd keeps lobbying to keep her up and make her go to bed early, but I feel like we just get a super grumpy kid who still won't go to bed, and everyone is miserable.

I finally broke down and bought training pants for nighttime and that seems to be a good solution.  She doesn't object to them because aren't quite diapers, but if she does have an accident at night, there isn't a mess.  I slip them over her underwear so we can reuse them if they stay dry.  If she does refuse to wear them I just put them on her after she falls asleep.

She's been running some.  She'll decide she needs to go for a run and she puts on her running shoes and off we go.  She doesn't mind running in the rain either because she's hard core, but dad isn't because he doesn't like running in the rain. :)  She ran a 2k race the other day.  Floyd ran a x-country race and they had a 2k community race after.  She was very excited, but the gun startled her.  When she did start running she tripped over Floyd's foot and fell.  She was hurt and crying, but still wanted to run the race.  She managed to push through and ran the whole thing.

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Kierra said...

Those pics of Selena running are just about the CUTEST thing EVER! :D