Thursday, December 23, 2010

Belated 18 month post

Allie is almost 19 months now and is still as sweet as ever.  Right now she loves her dolls and stuffed animals.  She spends a lot of time lining them all up, tucking them in with a blanket, kissing them "night night", then moving them and repeating the process.  She also enjoys blocks and legos.  She'll stack some together and set them up on the shelf and say, "Tada."

She is talking more and more every day.  She has adopted the word "sure" instead of yes.  Just in the last few days has she actually started saying "yes".  You would ask her if she could say "yes" and she would say, "No", then you would ask her if she could say "sure" and she would say, "Suuurrreee."  She'll say it before we respond too.  She'll say, "I want dog world.  Suuurrrrre."  Apparently she got it from me because I say it all the time.  I never noticed until she started parroting me. :)  She watches Bob the Builder with Selena so she knows all the characters and when reading Bob books points every character out and names them.  She can also count to ten, and sing songs.  Her favorite songs are the ABC's, I love you (from Barney), and the Wheels on the Bus.

She has stopped hitting!  Well at least unprovoked hitting. She'll still smack Selena if Selena makes her mad or takes something for her, but she no longer walks by and smacks Selena, or scratches your face and laughs, or head butts you for no reason.  Only took 15 months to grow out of it.  ** I have taken a couple days to finish this post and since then she did smack Selena for no reason. >:(

She got a pretty bad stomach bug for the last week and a half.  It was pretty sad. She wasn't eating much.  But when she did finally get better she ate 3 eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, and a bowl of cereal.

For a week or so she was almost 100% on the potty, but then she got sick.  Now she will wear diapers for the most part.  She's been mostly pooping in the potty, but not really peeing.  Occasionally she'll take off all her clothes and say, "Tee hee".  She loves to dress herself and put on 5 pair of undies.  Except most of the time she sticks both legs in one hole, so it kind of defeats the purpose. :)

We got a bit of snow storm a couple weeks back.  She wasn't too thrilled.  She gets pretty cold and we were unprepared clothes wise, so that didn't help.  It is so fun to see her grow and learn.  We love her a lot and are so proud.

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