Sunday, January 16, 2011

When you find something mucky you've got to run right through it

Christmas is over and Selena had a lot fun.  I think decorating Christmas cookies was her favorite part.  She got a bike from her grandma and that was really exciting.  She was jumping up and down and carrying on and on.  It also came unassembled so we got to build it.  She was very happy.   She also got some roller skates.  She wore those all day on Christmas. Unfortunately there hasn't been a whole lot of bike riding or roller skating weather.  It has been very cold, we had snow for a week, then it melted and a week later it snowed again.  We did trek to the school in the snow and ride the bike and rollerskate in the play shed, but then we got cold and hiked back home.  I was the pack mule, carrying Allie on my back, and the bike in one hand, and a bag full of roller skates in the other.

Christmas being over, means that preschool is starting again.  Getting up early has been a real downside to preschool.  I am kicking myself over not finding an afternoon program.  Even when she gets on an earlier schedule, she is still naturally waking up at 8:45, 45 minutes later than she does on Tuesday and Thursday.  It really takes its toll on her and results in a lot of whining and crying. :(  I'm not sure if it is related or not, but we've had a lot of sickness this fall and winter.  Selena just got over a fever and then Allie had it, and now Floyd and I have colds.

Finally here are some Selena bits of wisdom:
- Issac is cuter than Allie, because the smaller the cuter.
- The harder it is the funner it is.
- When you are sick you have to watch TV all day.
- Real people don't have lists, they give presents either way.  Real people don't know.
- That's the point of running.  When you find something mucky you've got to run right through it.
- This one is from a while ago, but she said, "Allie didn't pester me FOR YEARS (and she totally emphasizes the words for years and then repeats FOR YEARS) when I was two, but then I grew to this age, and now she hits and pulls my hair, but she didn't pester me FOR YEARS before.
- I can't clean up, it'll take ages.

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