Monday, February 21, 2011

Book Recommendations for Kids Who Like Bob the Builder

I've been checking out every building book I can find at the library and most of the books have been pretty underwhelming.  The non-fiction ones are basically pictures of big machines and descriptions of what they do.  The fiction ones are drawings of big machines and tools and descriptions of what they do.  Some of the fiction ones have a bit of a story, but really not that interesting.  The Bob the Builder books are abbreviated versions of various episodes on the TV show and thus Selena already knows them.  But I have come across a few that all three of us have enjoyed so I thought I would share them.

David Gordon has wrote a few books (The Three Little Rigs, Hansel and Diesel, and The Ugly Truckling that are retelling of well known fairy tales, but where the main characters are machines. Allie especially liked The Three Little Rigs, where the rigs said "Not by the chrome on our chinny chin chins."

Who Made This Cake? has baking and building in it, which was perfect for Selena. A whole crew of little people use their machines to bake a cake. The pictures are great and the concept is novel.

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Love and Lollipops said...

Thanks for the recommendations...I have a construction loving little guy in my home!