Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Selena's been up to mostly the same things.  She enjoys Bob the Builder and building, however she has watched every Bob episode 100's of times and is now starting to request them less and less.  Lowes has free building projects for children on Saturdays.  We tried to go, but didn't realize you had to register first, so we ended up spending $20 buying past building projects instead.  :P  But both the projects were really good and I think we'll have fun when we are able to do the free ones.   We've also been building lots of stuff out of cardboard (this blog and this blog have some good inspiration).   So we've made castles, and bird houses, and boats.

We joined the Y a few months back and its fun to hear about Selena making friends with the kids in the child care area.  She seems to have a lot of fun.  Allie, on the other hand, not so much.

She is also seeming to make friends at preschool as well.  Every once in a while little quips come out of her about the kids at school.  Zachary wears gel in his hair, like dad.  So and so just turned four.  For a while the teacher was bringing her one year old granddaughter to school and Selena loved that.  She always had stories about what baby Stella did during class.  Once she escaped the classroom, and all the kids followed her (sounds like the teacher had a mutiny) and then baby Stella had to be put in her contraption.

Selena's been doing some runs as well.  First I go for my run, then Floyd goes for his, then Selena has to go for hers.  Sometimes she runs a lot, and sometimes she gets tired and has to walk.

Interactions with her sister go from super sweet, to downright mean.  It is amazing how fast the switch can come.  So we work on it.  What are the appropriate ways for them to tell each other to stop.  Snatching things out of each other's hands isn't ok, etc, etc, etc.  But the sweet moments are nice.  Selena will hold Allie's hand and guide her safely when walking somewhere, or they sit on the couch all snuggled.

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