Saturday, May 28, 2011

Allie is Finally Two!

I've been thinking she's two since she was 10 months old and now she finally is!  Though she might tell you she's three.  Selena's been working on this with her though, and she knows that Floyd and I are 30 and Selena is 4, but she'll still sometimes say she's three, or she'll say she's a baby--one or the other.  Overall she's really good with numbers, not only can she count to 12 or 13 but she can count up to 10 objects accurately most of the time.    She also can count in Spanish and Japanese.

Her favorite thing right now is doing puzzles.  While Selena is at preschool we spend the majority of the time doing puzzles.  She also does a puzzle game on my rooted Nook Color.  She also likes a superhero game we play outside. We pretend the big bad bear came and kidnaps one of us, and then the other two have to be super heroes and find the key to the dungeon, fight the big bad bear and free the one who was captured.  Hide and seek is also a hit.

We continue to leave her naked at home and she goes potty almost 100% in the potty all by herself, but if you put any underwear, pants or diaper on her she will only go, or ask to go, rarely.  She will often ask to go when we are out, or if Selena is going, but she usually just sits on the potty.  She says its hard.

She has become quite the snuggle bug.  As an infant she didn't often like to snuggle.  She'd wiggle and do baby death rolls to get out of your hands.  At night she didn't like to sleep snuggled.  Now she willingly snuggles for significant periods of time with lots of members of the family and often insists on snuggling in my arms while sleeping at night.  It's very sweet.  She also told me that she was Auntie Cynthia's favorite and that Auntie Cynthia loves her and snuggles her a lot.  She also calls her Auntie Mel Uncle Mel. :)  She also spontaneously will tell me that she loves me so much, and that I'm the best mom ever.

She still is very opinionated and knows what she wants.  For instance here is a conversation between her and Floyd.

Allie: I want Word World
Floyd: No
Allie: You no say no.  I want Word World on the TV.
Floyd: Maybe
Allie: You are making Allie mad.  You only say yes. Not no.

Or when we were at the Y swimming she wanted to buckle a life jacket by herself, but insisted on not buckling the correct corresponding straps, and then wanted to jump into the pool, and me not catch her, but start 3 feet away from the edge, and she doesn't really know how to jump.  When I would go to catch her she would get mad and go sit on a bench telling me, "You are making me mad!"   She kind of has a bit of a temper.

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