Saturday, May 14, 2011

Homemade Egg Rolls

I've never really liked egg rolls.  They taste too cabbagy to me.  I'm not sure exactly what causes the cabbagy taste.  Old cabbage, or maybe over cooked?  I'm not sure, because sometimes I eat cabbage and it tastes just fine, great even.  Like in these egg rolls, and other times its just gross.  I'm not sure how or why I found this recipe, or why I decided to try it (since I don't like egg rolls, but maybe Floyd wanted me to), but these are really, really, REALLY good.   Apparently I am not allowed to make them without inviting my mom over.  Oops.

Follow the directions on how to wrap them exactly.  The first couple times I did, but then I started getting nonchalant and then they started unfolding while frying.  I did change the recipe in that I shredded all the veggies with a food processes making them very tiny.  I think it improves the taste and texture of the filling, which by the way is so good, you can eat it by itself.  Having the super thin wraps is also important.  The first time I made them I didn't, and they were still good, but when I did have the thin wraps they were even better.  Personally I am very intimidated about going into an Asian grocery, so I lucked out when I moved, and the grocery store I shop at has a huge Asian section. :)

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