Saturday, October 1, 2011

How to Sell Your Home By Owner

We sold our house last year with a self service realty agent and when I was looking for information on how it worked, or how to sell by owner, I couldn’t find much that wasn’t marketing material of some sort.  I wanted a first hand account of someone who did it, so I am finally getting around to writing one. I will publish a four part series on how to sell your house.  The topics will include:

Most of what I will write is applicable to people selling with an agent, or selling completely by owner, as well. I am not in the real-estate business in any way shape or form. What I write is based only on my MINIMAL experience and research. For more information about selling by owner I got the book, Sell It by Owner and Save. The book wasn’t spectacular, but it was useful.

If you find these posts useful and wish to offer monetary reciprocation I would gladly accept paypal donations or gift certificates.  Even just a dollar would be nice. ;)

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