Monday, October 24, 2011

Sweetie Pie

Allie is almost 2.5 and is as sweet as always.

- Her dad has taught her to tease me :( and she has mastered a mocking voice complete with eye rolling and will say things like, "Mom loves crows so much she just wants to marry them."
- Whenever she sees a bug, or an animal, or a character in a story that she thinks is sad she says, "Where's its mommy?"
- She enjoys running while I time her on my stopwatch.
- She is good at math.  Her and Selena were playing Curious George games on and they had four dog biscuits and were supposed to give each dog the same amount.  Selena had given one dog three and the other one, so I asked, "Hundley has 3 biscuits and the gray dog has 1, how many biscuits do you need to give each dog?"  and Allie immediately pipes up, "Two!"
- She always eats better when she sits in my lap and shares my plate.  We both enjoy eating stinky sandwiches together (canned salmon with mayo and Mrs. Dash).   Dad and Selena do not like them.
- She enjoys painting and coloring coloring sheets.  She always says, "I want to paint, and I won't make a mess."  Which unfortunately is usually not true.
- She keeps telling me she is going to be taller than Auntie when she grows up.
- She loves family hugs.
- She likes chasing her sister with a banana.  Selena can't stand the smell so of course she torments her.
- She's a bit literal and can get upset if you don't say something right.  She is always correcting me that shorts aren't pants.
- We were at the pumpkin patch and she had to go poop, but was having problems going, partially because it was a port-a-potty.  We tried two times but she couldn't go, and she says, "I squeezed my butt as hard as I could and nothing came out."  Then 10 minutes later in the car on our way home she says she has to go, and Floyd says, "You already went three times."  She pouts and yells, "It was only two."
- When she goes potty sometimes she'll drag you in to "watch" her, but then she doesn't like being watched so she takes the shower curtain and hides behind it.
- She always says, "Pre-ee peas." (Pretty please)

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