Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Hollow Park in San Jose

Still trying to catch up on our trip log.  Just a few more entries to make.

On our way back we stopped in San Jose.  Floyd played a bit of poker, and had a good day, thus making the trip reasonably profitable, while the girls and I went and visited Happy Hallow park.  This was a very interesting little park.  It was part zoo, part amusement park.  There were a handful of small animals, and a handful of rides targeted toward the preschool crowd, as well as a bunch of playgrounds.  Happily we were able to get in the park free due to a reciprocal membership with the Woodland Park Zoo.  

The girls got their face painted, and played hard.  Selena got to go on a kind of scary ride all by herself.  Which she was completely over-the-moon about.  Allie was a bid sad, because she was just a hair too small to go on some of the rides.  It was a fun day.

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