Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sas Fabrics in Los Angeles

One of the things I was really looking forward to on our trip was fabric shopping.  Unfortunately I never made it to the garment district (next time I will!), but I did make it to a store called Sas Fabrics.  Fabric shopping was my Valentine's day present. :)

This place was really fun.  I spent about $85 and probably got about $300 worth of fabric and notions.  The impression I got via the internet, was that this place gets leftovers from the garment making industry and that is why they can sell fabric at such a low price.

The fun thing about this place was that lots of their fabric is sold by the pound.  This results in getting lots of fabric, for very little money!  It was so hard to not buy everything.  They had a great selection of light weight apparel knits, lace, athletic wicking fabric, upholstery fabric, and costume fabric.  They only had a small amount of quilting cottons and not a whole lot of heavy weight knits, denim, wool, pant weight or coat fabrics.  I was visiting in February.  I don't know if their selection changes seasonally.   Some of the fabrics have imperfections so you have to inspect it before you buy it.

They also had a ton of notions.  Boxes and boxes of zippers for 25 cents each, bins and bins of buttons for 10 cents each, and elastic for 10 - 50 cents a yard.   I was really excited about the elastic.  Fold-over-elastic that I spend $2.75yd for at Joanns I got for 10 cents a yard.

The one thing I didn't get, but was tempted to was leather.  They had scraps of leather for $10 a pound.

Now I just need to get sewing!!!

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