Monday, January 25, 2010

First Steps?!

One week before Allie was 8 months old she took her first step.  She decided it was time for her to be able to bridge the gap between her toy and the couch without having to put her hands on the ground.  She's a crazy baby!  She's very wobbly but occasionally she is able to have a successful step between things.  I'm predicting that she'll be walking in about 3 weeks.  Oh my.

I think she's also working on mixing up her naps.  She's pretty much down to only two naps a day.  The last few days she even has taken some longer one hour naps (yay), but yesterday she took a 2+ hr nap!  That's the longest nap she's taken since she was a month old.  But now she seems to be going to bed earlier too, which is ok, except when she decides she should get up early too.  I don't like getting up before 8, so 6:30 is much, much too early.  Oh well. 

She really wants to do everything her sister does.  She gets very upset when Selena is painting and she actually has a tantrum because I won't let her.  I would let her if she didn't insist on sticking everything she finds in her mouth.  She loves her daddy too.  She's constantly chasing him around the house and she gets very sad when he doesn't pick her up immediately.   She gets very excited when he comes home from work, and she got super worried when he went out on the roof to trim a tree.  I think she remembered me getting stuck out there.  She calmed down as soon as she saw him safe and sound. 

She is eating real food well now.  Most of the stuff she gets in her mouth she ends up swallowing.  She doesn't seem to have a huge preference for anything specific yet.  She pretty much just wants what everyone else is eating. 

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