Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Google Ads are Gone and Being Replace With Ads For the Greater Good

I've taken all the Google Ads off my blog.  I initially put them up in a hope to get a little money from this blog, but the ads are often not pertinent and lots of them are for things that I don't like (ie dieting and weight loss scams or surgery, quick money making schemes, excessive refinancing, unethical baby formula advertising, among others).   I am also trying to reduce my family's consumption of unnecessary things and I am finding this very hard to do with the constant bombardment of advertising I experience every day.  Thus I was feeling very hypocritical.  I rant about how corporations are greedy and do unethical things yet I was supporting unethical things for a few measly pennies that I may never even get to collect due to the fact that Google will not cut you a check until you earn $100. 

I am still going to use the Amazon ads because I specifically create them and choose exactly what product they display.  I only get money from them if you order something after clicking on a link from my blog.  I will try to be  judicious in my use of them, but books are always fair game.  You can never have too many books. ;)

I am also going to replace the Google Ads with ads for things that I believe are beneficial for our society as a whole, but are not widely advertised because the product or activity is not "marketable" (ie. no one can make a lot of money off of it) or the product or activity is cheaper and better all around but cuts into some powerful entities bottom line and thus is the target of anti-advertising.  I got this idea from the site http://www.bestforbabes.org.  The site has started an ad campaign for breastfeeding (see the cute ad in the right hand side bar) and I figured why not do the same thing for other things as well.  So in the future feel free to "pirate" any images I create and use them as ads on your own blog.  You can link back to me or wherever you like. 

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